We at Lebanon United Methodist Church are called to Gather in Christ’s name, to Grow in His love, and to Glorify Him in ministry and mission to all people.  The purpose of gathering is to be physically present in God’s house for prayer, praise, and worship. Come, Gather to worship. In addition to Sunday morning worship, special services of worship are offered seasonally. Come, Gather in prayer.

Once we gather, we then can Grow by learning all we can about Christ’s commission to make disciples of all people. You may be wondering: Are there people in this congregation with interests similar to mine? Is there a place for me to study and grow in my relationship with God? As we gather, we are encouraged to get involved in a Bible study or small group activity.

We are reminded that we must Glorify God’s name by getting involved in ministry. This could mean participating in worship through music, or reaching out through evangelism, missions, congregational care, youth, children, and adult ministries.

If you are seeking a first-time relationship with God, are considering church membership or have been a church member for many years, there is a place for you in ministry within the life of Lebanon UMC. God wants to be in your life and He wants you to be involved with Him. Thank you for being interested in fulfilling the mission statement of Lebanon United Methodist Church. Please contact us at 804.746.0980 if you have any questions or for more details regarding a specific ministry, visit the following: