Our year-round Sunday night gatherings involve a rotation of activities: Bible study, Devotions, Missions, Dinners, Game nights, Planning sessions, Joint events with other youth groups, Off-site events, and more!
We respect the voices of our students, and we encourage them to take on leadership responsibilities by assisting us in planning events.  The events we put on the calendar reflect the interests of the youth.  What does your student like to do?  What is important to you?   Come let us know!
We also strive to cultivate the bonds of our community beyond the church building.  Does your student have a special event coming up?  Is there a sports game, a recital, or a performance we can attend to cheer them on?  Please let us know so that we can show your student how much we care.
Contact Sarah Forti for more information: SarahMForti@gmail.com
Upcoming Events
We are in the process of renovating the youth building!  We will NOT meet in the youth building during February or March.  We will meet in the Chapel and other alternative locations.
February 15-17: Richmond District Retreat   
 Sunday, February 17th: NO YOUTH
Wednesday, February 20th: 411 (high school only) meets at VCC Panera
Middle School meets in the Chapel.
Tuesday, March 5th: Youth Pancake Supper to raise funds for LebCamp
Wednesday, March 6th: Ash Wednesday Service