The youth ministry at Lebanon is for middle & high school students (6th-12th grades) and is uniquely designed to help teens creatively explore the Bible, God, their beliefs, their questions, and their lives. LebYouth meets three times across the week providing a different opportunity at each meeting.

Weekly Youth Activities:

Sunday (year round):
Sunday School 10:00 am – Youth Building Basement
Youth Group 6:30-8:00 pm – Youth Building Basement
Wednesday Small Groups (September-May):
Middle School Night 6:45-8:00 pm – Youth Building Basement
411 High School Night 6:45-8:00 pm – Youth Building Upstairs

How can Parents be involved?

Stay in touch with your child’s small group leader. 

Offer to drive, hosts events, buy the pizza, or help clean up. Letting small group leaders spend time with students and share life with them allows them to share more wisdom and Biblical truth. Help enable that.

Share your concerns about your student. Either with someone on the student ministry staff, a small group leader, or other parents, maybe even some who has walked this road. You may find out what concerns you is perfectly normal. Or there may be something to talk about and deal with. Either way, nothing happens if you just sit on it.

Be willing to serve as a special event volunteer.  We do all kinds of crazy (ok, well, perfectly safe, though seemingly odd) things. There are plenty of times we are looking for someone to come in for one night and help us out.
Pray for LebYouth Ministry Leaders, your child, his friends, and teachers.
Be a small group leader. Not your child’s, but someone else’s.

Consider helping us with missions/special events/Wednesday night planning and implementation.

Questions regarding our youth ministry? Contact Sarah Forti at