🖵 Discernment 2022-2023

March 5, 2023

Do you believe Lebanon should disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church?
(A two-thirds majority is required for approval.)


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Saturday, May 6, 2023  9:00 a.m.   


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December 13, 2022

Do you believe Lebanon should disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church?
(A simple majority is required for approval.)


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The Lebanon Discernment Team has provided a wealth of helpful information within this site regarding the current status and direction of the United Methodist Denomination, and how it affects us at Lebanon. By now most of our congregation is aware of this ongoing discussion, and of our current 30-day time of Discernment as we seek God’s will for Lebanon.

While we have provided many resources for your use, we recommend that all members at a minimum, review the information provided on this page.

How Did We Get Here?

The United Methodist Denomination has left us behind. The denomination, both nationally and in Virginia, has continued to move away from the basic tenets of our faith.

Specific areas of our core Methodist beliefs that are increasingly being ignored or openly disregarded by UMC clergy include the following:

  • Scripture is the unfailing Word of God.
  • The Book of Discipline is our denominational guide (all clergy take an oath to uphold this Biblically and Wesleyan grounded book of rules for clergy and church procedures).
  • The Deity of Christ
  • The Sanctity of Christian marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Recent News

November 15, 2022   Wesleyan Covenant Association

The United Methodist Denomination now has the most liberal Council of Bishops in its history. Not one single traditionalist bishop was elected. Not one.  Read more…

Future Vision of Lebanon

Maintain the same congregation – and continue growing!

Continue the same programs and same missions that we currently serve!

Remain a Methodist Church – abiding by the Word of God as taught through the holy scriptures and the teachings of John Wesley.

Become an independent owner of our building, property, and cemetery, by removing the burdensome effects of the UMC Trust Clause.

Have more ability to choose Pastors that will support the type of teaching and pastoral care that we want as a local church.

The decision in front of us as a church family is simply this:

Disaffiliate as a congregation from the United Methodist Denomination and join a different Methodist denomination, which would allow us to:

  • Remain focused on Scripture and Christ as the foundation for all.
  • Stay together as a Lebanon church family in worship and service to the Lord and continue the mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world through the Global Methodist Church.
  • Retain local ownership of our church building, property, and cemetery.


Remain a part of the United Methodist Denomination, which would require us to:

  • Accept the increasing shift away from Scripture as the foundation of our beliefs and worship.
  • Divide our congregation.
  • Continue to allow the United Methodist Denomination to maintain control of our building, property, and cemetery in perpetuity.

The Recommendation

We are strongly recommending disaffiliation from the United Methodist Denomination and exploring membership in the Global Methodist Church. Once we have disaffiliated, we will be free to choose our own spiritual path and retain permanent ownership of our property. There are several advantages to joining the Global Methodist Church.

  • Most importantly, retain the traditional Methodist foundation that John Wesley established and was in place when each of us joined Lebanon.
  • No cost to join.
  • No long-term commitment.
  • No exit fee (should we decide it is no longer aligned with our values).
  • Permanent ownership of our property.
  • Move away from the Breakdown In Discipline detailed below.

 Breakdown in Discipline

What sets us apart as Methodists is the degree to which we practice church discipline. The Articles of Religion in the UMC Book of Discipline provides the foundational framework for the United Methodists. Over the course of time, we have seen a decline in the practice of the doctrine.   Read more…

Comparison and Recommendation

November 19, 2022   Leb Discern Team

The Leb Discern team recommends remaining Methodist and joining the Global Methodist Church immediately upon disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church. We have prepared for you a direct comparison of the options and estimated costs.   Read more…