Discernment 2022-2023

🗐 References and Resources

The Holy Bible – Four Biblical Support Pillars  >

Pillar I

The Word Of God is complete and authoritative to guide believers in our personal relationship with Him.

Pillar II

Jesus is our Savior, Redeemer and Lord as He grants forgiveness for sins, salvation and eternal life. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Pillar III

Sin separates us from God–Jesus reconciles/re-unites us with Him.

Pillar IV

Sexual sin is condemned and a call for a return to Christ will re-unite us with Him.

Virginia and VAUMC  >

Virginia Conference Responds to Firm Claiming to Represent 26 Churches Seeking Disaffiliation

Virginia Methodists for a New Thing: Statement of Response to the General Conference 2019 https://www.anewthingva.com/general-conference-2019-response.

Here are the signatures of about 270 Active Clergy, plus many Retired Clergy and several hundred Laity: https://www.anewthingva.com/signatures

Virginia Conference delegation takes a progressive turn

General UMC Denomination  >

The Christmas Covenant Legislation. A restructuring of the UMC

Video Series  >

Differences that Divide the UMC – A 6 video (15 mins each) series by Good News Magazine:

Direct YouTube link:

Other Protestant Denominations and Associations  >

Global Methodist Church Website: www.globalmethodist.org

Wesleyan Covenant Association Website: www.wesleyancovenant.org

Wesleyan Covenant Association-Virginia Website: http://wcaofva.org/

The Anglican Church of North America. A denomination that supports marriage as being between one man and one woman. https://anglicanchurch.net

The Free Methodist Church. A denomination that supports marriage as being between one man and one woman. Wesley based. https://fmcusa.org/

The Liberation Connexion. Supports the LGBTQ community. About – Liberation Methodist Connexion (thelmx.org)

History  >

The Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation

Why the UMC is Really Splitting: The Big-Picture History

General News Articles and Other Links (in no particular order)  >

A Comparison Chart of the United Methodist Church & The Global Methodist Church

Comparison of United the Methodist Church & the Global Methodist Church

76 Percent of US Annual Conferences Reject Traditional Plan

Groups offer conflicting calls on General Conference

The Liberation Project. Supports the LGBTQ community.

The Latest United Methodist Bombshell Will Create News Throughout 2022 And Beyond

Transforming Congregations: A Renewal Ministry for the UMC and GMC. How to accept people where they are and to help the broken heal.

Mainstream UMC an advocacy group for LGBTQ persons

Good News Magazine: Since 1967, Good News has been the classical evangelical witness and ministry for renewal and reform within The United Methodist Church. Our mission is to lead all people within The United Methodist Church to the faithful and vibrant practice of orthodox Wesleyan Christianity

Stay UMC. An article from the Alabama Conference of the UMC addressing what it sees as the negatives of the GMC.

Practical Strategies for Avoiding Disaffiliation in YOUR local United Methodist Church (from the North Alabama Conference)

UM Fallout: A Compendium

Over 100 Florida Churches File Suit to Leave United Methodist Church

2019 General Conference passes Traditional Plan

Traditionalists’ exit speeds up as official decisions on United Methodist Church’s future delayed to 2024

The Baltimore-Washington Conference posted on their site (which is funded by apportionment payments) an article about Reverend Michael Johnson’s transition to be a trans-woman.