Our Story


Lebanon United Methodist Church is located in the heart of Hanover County, just minutes from neighborhoods like Kings Charter, Fox Head, Ashcreek, Milestone, and many others. We are a community church offering many opportunities for individuals and families to grow in their faith through worship, education, fellowship and missions.

Our History

Our story begins at least as early as 1828 when a Methodist Society held regular meetings in Slash Church, then shared by several denominations. In 1842 the Methodists thought it best to have a church building of their own and purchased one and one-half acres of land for the grand sum of $15. A house of worship was dedicated in 1844, but was destroyed by fire in 1851. The members then worshipped under a brush arbor until 1860 when the “little church” that we now know as the Chapel was erected.
Over the years, as the congregation has grown, new buildings were added and property was purchased to make way for new ministry opportunities and future possibilities. Our most recent structure was completed and consecrated in 2002. Today you can see the present result of that faithful willingness to grow, change, and adapt as Lebanon seeks to be faithful in every age to making disciples of Jesus Christ who change the world.

Looking Toward the Future

Lebanon enjoys a rich heritage and a vibrant present, and looks forward to an exciting future of ministry. While maintaining the friendliness and caring of our rural roots, we have accepted the challenges of our contemporary age in finding ever new and better ways to carry the timeless story of the love of God through Jesus Christ to each new generation.  Learn more about the work we are doing together to adapt our methods to more effectively tell the same message, the Good News of Jesus Christ.