On a typical Sunday night: we socialize, play a game or hands-on activity, have a devotion, and a time of prayer.  We also switch things up to include movie nights, game nights, mission days, and special activities.
Youth group meets every Sunday night from 7pm-8pm unless stated otherwise.
Special events and cancellations for 2022: SIGN UP USING THE FORM BELOW!
Sunday, September 4th: NO YOUTH
Saturday, September 10th: LEBCAMP MAKE-UP DAY.  RSVP REQUIRED.
Friday, September 16th: 5pm-8pm Dinner & Concert at Discovery UMC.  RSVP REQUIRED.
Sunday, October 23rd: Lunch & TOTSOCE immediately after worship. NO EVENING YOUTH.
Sunday, October, 30th: TOTSOCE immediately after worship.  Evening field trip to Ashland Berry Farm Halloween activities, $40 per person.  RSVP REQUIRED.
Sunday, November 27th: NO YOUTH
Sunday, December 25th: NO YOUTH
Sunday, January 1: NO YOUTH
February 3rd-5th: District Youth retreat at Westview.  RSVP REQUIRED BY JAN 6.
Jumpology (Defy) overnight lock-in
Fall weekend retreat (Friday-Sunday)
Visit the Upper Room to read faith articles and blogs written for teens by teens:
We respect the voices of our students, and we encourage them to take on leadership responsibilities.  The events we put on the calendar reflect the interests of the youth.  What does your student like to do?  What is important to you?   Come let us know!
We also strive to cultivate the bonds of our community beyond the church building.  Does your student have a special event coming up?  Is there a sports game, a recital, or a performance we can attend to cheer them on?  Please let us know so that we can show your student how much we care.
Contact Sarah Forti for more information: SarahMForti@gmail.com